Event Timings
The dates of the event.
Start Date: 
Thu, 25/08/2011 (All day)
End Date: 
Mon, 29/08/2011 (All day)
Event Notes
The location of the event.
Tolmers Scout Site, Hertfordshire
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From the CP event guide:

"His August and Terrible Majesty Lord Jhereg invites the war hosts of the free peoples to celebrate the Ritual of Renewal on the shores of Lake Boyagar, near the village of Seward. This an ancient site of extreme significance both in an historical and religious sense to the Jhereg people, situated as it is near to the Isle of the Nexis. Around the village are many ancient ruins which have been the subject of recent archaeological investigations by the Jhereg and some believe that by looking to the past one can see the road to the future more clearly, who knows what interesting and potentially pivotal information this ancient site may reveal to allow the free peoples to face the terrors currently arrayed against them?

Beware brave traveller however as there are tales told on dark lonely nights by many locals of the long dead spirits of their ancestors who many maintain still inhabit the area crying out in their despair and seeking ever either a way back into our world or a final release into the next! Who truly knows if these are just stories or more, what is certain however is that this an ancient and mysterious place whose story is not wholly known today. What insight’s will be forthcoming from the past and what relevance will they have in these troubled times? Will the dark forces facing the factions seek to delay or to stop the exploration of these ancient ruins and will the combined might and wisdom of the free peoples be enough to ward them off or send them to defeat in the wastes of Eastern Siberia?

As ever at this time of year there is the no small matter of the Ritual of Renewal which after many years of neglect is increasingly seen as a vital element to be completed each year by many a wise inhabitant of our troubled world. Will the insidious whisperings of dark folk in dank places prevent a successful completion of this year’s ritual or will the threat be more overt such as that of the Tagmatoi last year? What will be the result of events from earlier in the year be and how will they impact now and in the future? Will the Imperials offer any aid or knowledge or will they in their inscrutable way just observe and wait for the moment to show their hand? How far have the tendrils of the darkness in the land spread and who have the infected, will any Jhereg nobles or indeed peasants seek to create alliances with the dark foes and to what lengths will they go to achieve their aims? Will the leaders of the free peoples be secure in their positions or will more of them have fallen or mysteriously disappeared during the events and travelling this year and will those who remain be strong enough to stand against whatever is thrown against them? Perhaps more importantly will you be strong enough to resist the blandishments of the enemy or their menaces?"