Redemption (Notwigan)

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Start Date: 
Thu, 21/04/2011 (All day)
End Date: 
Tue, 25/01/2011 (All day)
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Paccar Scout Camp
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Description from CP event guide:

"After the heavy defeats outside Odinsheim the Factions war hosts retire to the city to defend it against the now revealed enemy forces bolstered by some disaffected elements of the late pretender Jarl Jarfin’s forces. The enemy forces seem both numerous and mobile striking here and then there throughout the Winter and the war host’s are at times hard pressed to contain them and protect the peasants of Norsca from their depredations. These difficulties lead not only to many new recruits for the enemy but a strong mutual feeling of distrust between both the Factions and the ordinary folk of Norsca, can anybody be really sure of another’s allegiance in these times?

Eventually the enemy threatens to gain control of Thor’s Temple with its powerful Ritual Circle and peasants and townsfolk refugees pour into the area looking for protection from the depredations of their former neighbours now in league with the forces of darkness that are seemingly bent on gaining control of the circle for their own ends. With Giant’s, Werewolves, Svart Elves and Undead already arrayed against the war host’s will the enemy have yet more surprises to unleash on the unsuspecting Factions? Will they be in league with new allies as well as ordinary folk caught up in these uncertain times? Will other fractious nobles of Norsca be seduced by the enemy’s dark suggestions and turn on Bothvar and his allies as Jarl Jarfin once did or will they remain strong and firm in their loyalty to both Bothvar and their own freedom? Many are asking could this be the beginning of the fabled Fimble Winter?

Will other situations in far off lands exert any influence on events to come at Thor’s Temple? Will the uncertainty created in Teutonia since the death of King Hapsburg and the subsequent disappearance of Kamran von Drachemorden just prior to Renewal affect their war host, indeed is Kamran’s disappearance somehow linked to the revelation that Jarl Jarfin was but a pawn for other darker enemies or is it just a coincidence that the death or disappearance of kings and nobles of Norsca’s southern neighbour has created uncertainty as this time? What of other lands with new Kings such as King Lucas taking the throne in Albion and the passing of two Lord Jhereg’s within the last two years not to mention the losses before Odinsheim last summer, are the Factions as strong as they once were and is all this just convenient for their enemies or part of a greater unknown or unseen plan?"

This event is at a new site this year, details here: Details TBC.