Convocation (Leek)

Event Timings
The dates of the event.
Start Date: 
Fri, 03/06/2011 (All day)
End Date: 
Sun, 05/06/2011 (All day)
Event Notes
The location of the event.
Barnswood Scout Site, Leek
Post Code: 
SK11 0HA

Details from the CP event guide:


"In the light of recent events His August and Terrible Majesty Lord Jhereg invites all the free peoples to discuss the perils threatening them all, promising free passage along the Jhereg Empires toll roads to Tibetia, near the Kthara mountains in Western Siberia. It is also rumoured that His August and Terrible Majesty Lord Jhereg has invited the Empire to send representatives to this meeting to both seek their counsel and to try to enlist their aid against the enemies that threaten them all. Of course how the inscrutable Imperials think on this matter is as ever unknown. However with the recent return of His Majesty Heyami the first to his throne it is to be hoped that they will at least listen to what will be said.


Will this meeting be a peaceful one and in the light of recent events who can tell? Will the tendrils of darkness first encountered in Norsca have spread to Siberia? Or indeed were they present before but in an unrecognised form for who can forget the events at Noravik in 1106 and what led up to them? Will the Factions be able to put aside their various differences and present a united front or will each leader look to their own agenda and people’s needs before they look at the greater good? Will the Imperials become involved or will they stand back and survey what happens in their inscrutable alien way after all less than ten years ago they were the enemy themselves!"