Fayre of Norsca 1111

Event Timings
The dates of the event.
Start Date: 
Fri, 08/07/2011 (All day)
End Date: 
Sun, 10/07/2011 (All day)
Event Notes
The location of the event.
Woodhouse Park, Bristol
Post Code: 
BS32 4LX

From the CP event guide:

"After the shocking and terrible recent events in Norsca Bothvar and the Wolves invite you all to relax and make merry during the high summer in eastern Norsca at the hunting reserve of Aurophellia. There will be games of skill and chance, opportunities to impress your peers with your wit and ability and the chance to just watch and unwind to rest and recover from all your trials and tribulations.

As ever there will be much fun and merriment for all along with the chance to increase your reputation, purse, skills or perhaps all three. Many and varied will be the distractions for young and old alike, the mighty and the wise shall find games and tests to occupy their time along with a well stocked tavern and friendly hosts. A word of warning from the wise however, given Norsca and indeed the world’s recent upheavals is anywhere ever truly safe? Will Jarl Jarfin’s legacy of rebellion live on in some dark hearts, will scores remain to be settled of other recent or age old conflicts and will the dark forces influence still be felt amongst both lord and peasant alike?"